What we do

Reconstruction of Ukraine

Ukraine’s post-war reconstruction is based on the EU integration and the necessity to protect the environment and climate.


Transition to renewable energy sources and reduction of coal and nuclear energy sources usage.

Energy efficiency

Enhance energy efficiency in the residential sector through relevant legislation and government support.


Reduction of pollution from transport through effective public policies, standards and public transport support.


Reduction of the negative impact of agricultural industry on the environment through the implementation of modern environmental norms and the development of small and medium-sized farms.

Clean air

Reduction of industrial emissions and providing open access to air quality data.

Climate change

Reduction of greenhouse gas emissions in all sectors of the economy and adaptation to the effects of climate change through progressive state climate policy.

Community of Ecoaction

Conscious and responsible community that stands for the environment protection through volunteering, activism and support!

Active communities

We support communities standing for their right for a healthy and safe environment, helping them to come together to solve local problems.