Transport pollution decrease through the effective governmental politics, standards and support of public transport.
The most emission comes from urban transport especially from private cars and the number of it is increasing tremendously quickly . In Ukraine emission from automobile transport is 92% from all air pollution. Besides the problem with air pollution, an excessive amount of private cars in the city causes difficulty with traffic and furthermore, large parts of city planning are allocated for parking and road infrastructure . There are only subway passages left to the people. The development of bicycle and public transportation attracts very little attention and therefore, contributes to a reduction in quality of life for those who live centrally.
Transport is also the cause of 25% emission greenhouse gases which greatly contributes to climate change and air pollution in cities. Private cars are the largest source of emission and contributes about 270g СО2/km per person. Other European countries have therefore focussed on the growth of public and bicycle transportation systems to avoid such high emissions. Emission from the bus equate to a third from that from cars, – 95g СО2/km for one person.
To solve the problem of negative impact of urban transport on environment and global climate changes, Ecoaction started the Transport campaign, #FreeTheLane in Kyiv. In order to optimise traffic within cities, we recommend that __ road lines remain car free to enable public transport to thrive.
Relevant Campaigns:

# Free the Lane campaign

In Kyiv, the pollution from road transport is 84%, and the private cars produce the largest share of harmful substances. How to solve the problem of negative influence of city transport onto the environment? To develop the infrastructure of public transport!

Research shows that public transport is 10 times more ecological than private vehicles. That’s why we started the campaign “Free the lane!”, aiming  to make the bus lines free from private transport. If this is achieved, buses and trolleybuses will be able to pass the jams and to adhere to timetables even during rush hours. Moreover, the rapid city transport helps to lower the rates of harmful emissions and reduces the demands for private transport usage in cities.

We are proud of our efforts to shift Ukraine’s focus to renewable forms of transport and have partaken in activities such as,

  • organisation of public action near Kyiv City State Administration in order to require the appropriate functioning of the bus lanes;
  • we have taken part in the development of the law on parking and video-fixation of the law-breakings; we opposed the enlargement of travel lane of Holosiyivskyi Avenue; we ask the inhabitants of Kyiv to move on foot and by bicycles,
  • we cooperated with the mass-media in order to emphasize the importance of bus lanes;
  • we take part in public discussions on the law changes for green transport development in Ukraine.