Intensive agriculture and especially, industrial stockbreeding, causes a vast amount of ecological damage such as the exhaustion of natural resources; air, water and soil pollution; unethical attitude towards animal and the contribution to global climate change.
Ecoaction investigates the activities of large livestock farms and other agrarian companies and identifies potential negative consequences for the environment and human health and inform the population about it. We encourage companies to implement the best environmental standards, norms and techniques, so that the activities of enterprises would not violate the rights of local people for clean environment.
We also emphasize that local communities should have the opportunity to participate in decision making, and activists should have a safe space to express their opinion.
We also spread the idea of sustainable development and care about progress of small and medium farms as they are the alternative to large industrial farms.
We believe, that local farmers are guided by principles of economy and environmental responsibility in their work.
Their well-being is the key to formation of balanced and viable business, which will be the foundation for environmentally-conscious and socially active communities who provide sustainable development of the countryside.
Relevant Campaigns:

# Land Matrix Initiative

We are fighting against the concentration of agricultural lands under the agro holdings ownership!

Ecoaction, along with the Land Matrix initiative, tracks the concentration of large areas of agricultural land under the control of commercial companies. This is due to the acquisition or absorption of other companies, which negatively affects the quality of soil, pollutes the air, ground and underground water due to the significant intensification of agriculture.

In order to effectively cover this issue in Ukraine, we send inquiries to state authorities and analyze available information in the media area about purchased land. The features of such acquisitions are: large size of the land, consolidation of companies and the disappearance of small and medium-sized business in rural areas and change of owner of the land and violation or neglect of human rights.

All information we collect is presented on the official website of the initiative in the form of agreements or publications on the certain subject, in order to show the data in an accessible form.

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