As a result of Russian aggression, Ukraine faces a multitude of enormous challenges. Among them is the reconstruction of critical infrastructure, ensuring the country’s energy security, further implementation of the EU legislation — now accelerated, climate change mitigation and adaptation to it, and other ones.
Even though the war still rages on, the country’s reconstruction is already being planned. The reconstruction will comprise many steps and should cover short-, medium- and long-term planning to the greatest extent possible. We suggest the basic principles of the green post-war reconstruction that would ensure sustainable economic and community development:
  1. Sustainable and systemic solutions
  2. Transparency; community and public participation in decision-making
  3. Using the best available technologies and practices
  4. Sustainable development of cities and regions
  5. Energy sector decarbonization and decentralization
  6. Development of sustainable and decentralized agri-food systems
  7. Ensuring preservation of Ukraine’s ecosystems and natural resources
Ukraine’s green reconstruction is a sustainable reconstruction realized using the best available technologies and practices.
Ecoaction’s team in cooperation with other NGOs stands for integration of the principles mentioned above into strategic documents and legislation on the national level. We want all the new infrastructure to favor fossil fuel phase-out. We also want to ensure that during the reconstruction of cities and rural areas, social, economic and environmental factors are taken into consideration by authorities and communities. In order to achieve this, except for the national level, we work with municipalities and communities supporting them in building a strategic vision for their sustainable development and preparing new “green” projects which would improve the quality of life locally.
Our spheres of work:

Energy, Agriculture, Active communities, Clean air, Climate change

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