Today the world is on a brink of climate catastrophe. Due to human impact, the level of world ocean is rising , the glaciers are melting, the whole ecosystems are disappearing, the extreme weather phenomena are happening often. According to UN more than 250 million people can become climate refugees in the middle of this century. Maintaining old dirty technologies leads to increasing of transformation and destroying the nature that we love. People that are involved in pollution continually receive profit from such environmental destruction but we will pay for that too big price in form of our health, negative economic, social and ecological consequences.
In capacity of our activity against climate change we are engaged in spreading and informing population about the issues of climate change, of developing the renewable energy sources and defending the priority of energy saving and energy efficiency.
We are advocating for progressive bills and government decisions that help to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, to develop clean technologies and fight against global climate change. We conduct analytical work which include, social studies, analysis of government decisions and legal acts and developing of the Scenario of Ukraine’s transition to renewable energy.

Change the system, not the climate!

Your ecoaction can start from saving of water, electricity, heating, gas, or it can be more active – for example, to stand for forests defense or to join the climate march. Together we are able to save and to take care of everything that is important to us: our nature, health, life and amazing Planet!